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Summer Programs

Semia Robotics is very happy to announce that we will be having in person summer programs!

The summer programs will be held at the Semia Robotics Master Club in Ridgefield CT. We will have robotics classes running for students anywhere from age 6-14 years old. For all the classes we have, no previous knowledge is required in either coding or robotics, and all classes will cater to students of any level. The two separate classes running are the WeDo class for age 6-8 and Spike Prime class for age 9-14.

Classes will be held with one week of skill building, followed by a week of either Sumo Bots or WRO Competitions. During the weeks of skill building, students will work both together and at their own pace at improving their skills in robotics, coding, mechanics and more.  These skill building classes will be very helpful for the following weeks of competition classes. While it is not required that students attend the skill building before the competition classes, it is recommended. You can find our summer schedule here.

The Price for a full week (5 days) of classes is $200, and for the first week (4 days) the price is $160. Payments can be made by the payment methods listed in our pricing info. Click here for more pricing info. 

Due to COVID 19, we will also require that upon arrival the first class of every new week, you fill out and sign the form here

Please note that classes will be filled on a first come first serve basis, as we have limited spots in each class due to COVID19 safety. 


You can register for summer classes today here!

If you are interested in taking online classes prior to the summer classes, we offer: Minecraft Civil Engineering, Introduction To Robotics, Intermediate Robotics, and Scratch Programing

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