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WeDo Summer Programs

Skill Building Weeks:

On skill building weeks, students will alternate days between Scratch coding, and building robots with the WeDo 2.0 kit. When students build their robots, they will work with instructions and the WeDo kits to see the different applications of the motors and sensors which are in the kit, as well as eventually designing their own robots. During the Scratch coding classes, students will learn the fundamentals of coding and solve coding problems which can be applied to their robots. Students will mainly work at their own pace with instructors so that they are able to work on skills at their own pace. 

WRO WeDo and WRO Sumo Weeks:

During the competition weeks, students will also have one day of robotics skill building and one day of Scratch coding skill building. The two different competitions that are running are the WRO 2021 WeDo category, and WRO Sumo Bots. During the competition classes, students will be given a set of guidelines, and based on those guidelines, build a robot. They will test and redesign as well as code their robots in order to perform the best during the competitions.  At the end of each week, a competition will be held within the class where students will see how well their robots perform, as well as reflect on what they would like to improve. 

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