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General Information


For LEGO Innovator class, children 3-4 years old has opportunities to play with LEGO Duplo bricks and create models of familiar things around the house and neighborhood, they will have a chance to explore and understand simple machines and mechanisms.  For example, in the “Drill” activity they will learn how gears work and how a drill is put together; In the “Crane” activity children build a crane to lift a load using a pulley system. 

Children also has opportunity to invent models to solve design challenges with LEGO, such as design their own picture holder, build a house tall enough for giraffe.... they use their creative thinking and problem solving abilities to design and build models to satisfy a specific purpose.

Sample Curricula

Lesson 1-8: Things Around me

Lesson 9-16: Machines in the World

Lessons 17-24: My Inventions

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