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General Information

Our most popular curriculum Code Creators is for students 6 years and older and serves as an introductory to coding and robotics.  The classes promote basic coding, logical thinking, and problem solving skills, while nurturing creativity and imagination.


Students use Ipad graphical icons to code their LEGO creations, and watch it come to live, and if it doesnt work the way they imagined, they would go back and try to problem solve and debug their code.

The Code Creators Curriculum motivates students to imagine and create solutions to real-life problems.  There are more than 48 lessons designed for this curriculum, some examples are as follows
• Code Creator 1 - Glowing snail, Fan, Satellite, Spybot, Milo the rover, Milo with tilt and motion sensors....

• Code Creator 2&3&4 - Depending on students abilities, they can revisit the introductory models, redesign and add addional functions to the same model, or move onto more advanced projects like Racer, Pulling Cart, Pollination, Truck, Helicopter Rescue, Robot Arm,  various LEGO animals like Gorilla, Frog, Lion, Croc, or things we see in our daily lives like tractor, train, lift, etc...

The activities focus on building excitement around the fact that every student can program a robot to move,  a light to blink, recive sensor inputs and command appropriate motions and movements.  The students are free to discover any one of a wide range of solutions to a task, and each will be celebrated as being correct and unique.  

Sample Curricula

Sample Code Creator Lessons.

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