General Information

The Code Creators Curriculum is for students 7 years and older and serves as an introductory to robotics.  The classes promote basic coding, logical thinking, and problem solving skills. Additionally, the digital tools enable children to document and share learning outcomes.

The Code Creators Curriculum motivates students to imagine and create solutions to real-life problems.  The curriculum is divided into the following elements:
• Code Creator 1 - introduction to robotics and getting started.

• Code Creator 2 & 3  includes 16 mission activities that take students around the world to solve real-life programming problems.

The activities focus on building excitement around the fact that every student can program a robot to move and a light to blink, recive sensor inputs and command appropriate motions and movements.  The students are free to discover any one of a wide range of solutions to a task, and each should be celebrated as being correct and unique.

Sample Curricula

Code Creator 1: Lessons 1-8

Code Creator 2: Lessons 9-16

Code Creator 3: Lessons 17-24