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World Robot Olympiad

Regular Category


Forest fires are a problem in many places in the world every summer. They destroy large parts of the forests and sometimes come to close to areas where people live. Those people have to be evacuated to safe areas. Fires occur and spread in hot and dry weather. Climate change causes longer summers, which are very dry. The countries affected by forest fires have to do something about the growing danger.

This year, the challenge is to make a robot that can fight forest fires and that can rescue people to safe areas. In addition, the robot must also plant new trees to replace the burned-out trees.


Using our energy resources responsibly is very important for our future. This is important for our whole society, but also for our own houses. On the playing field of the Elementary age group, the robot helps to modernize a house. The robot will replace old lamps with new energy saving lamps. The robot also needs to mount solar cells on the roof and needs to install intelligent smart home devices. This work will help to reduce the energy demand of the house and to make the best use of renewable energy.

World Robot Olympiad

Sumo Bots


Two robots compete in a head-to-head match following the basic system of traditional human sumo matches. Robots are allowed no weapons but may use a flipping mechanism. The purpose is a pushing match between the two robots to force the other from the arena or flip the opponent, so they are deemed no longer able to fight. Multiple weight classes and control systems are allowed (autonomous compete against autonomous and R/C against R/C – they are separate classes and do not compete against each other.)

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