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This program is designed for students that are 9+ and would like to continue design and program robots with more complex LEGO  Ev3 Mindstorms.  The program starts with fundamentals of programming but rapidly evloves to allow students to build and program robots that carry out differernt autonomous tasks, which can have real world applications or just for fun! 

General Information

In the first unit  – Robot Sports Camp – students get their first introduction to the EV3 Controller, LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3 Software, motors and sensors.  They will learn how to build robot vehicles that can get in action mode by pressing a few buttons.  They will create robot sports stars, design and run robots in exciting obstacle and race courses.

In the second unit – Robot Science Park – if a funky fish doesn’t bother you, this series of activities will be a treat. The students build and program all sorts of robotic creatures that are kept in the Robot Science Park. Students extend their building and programming skills by focusing on mimicking animal behaviors in a creative and highly entertaining way.

The third unit – Robot City Life – is based on living in a robot city. In Robot City Life, students will be involved in making a challenging flight simulator, becoming a DJ using a programmable scratch-box and helping design robots for different kinds of city purposes.

In the fourth unit – Robot Design Lab – the students practice and refine all the skills they have learned so far as they plan, build, and program robots that will be put on show. Students will build a smart card reader and make programs that can decode different codes. This unit allows students to work in greater depth on a project over a longer period of time. It also gives them an opportunity to practice performance skills and show off to their parents.


Sample Curriculum

Sorter Bot

Puppy Bot

DJ - Mixer

Turtle Bot

Fligth Simulator

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