Semia Robot Master Club will start to offer Club Memberships in the Spring of 2022. 

For children ages 5 - 6, Semia RMC Members will be able to access all the LEGO Education materials and activities, and enjoy the fun of playing with LEGO under adult supervision during Club Member hours.

For children 7+, to be eligible, Semia RMC Members must have taken Code Creator 1&2, and World of Science 1 classes, this way the student has enough background to enjoy the problem solving challenges and have fun working on the activities by themselves.

For High School students, if you are interested in science, technology and robotics, and thinking about going to major in STEM, come and join the club and work on WRO challenges for this year, maybe you can represent Connecticut to go to the USA WRO finals...

Membership Fee for 2022-2023 is $500 per year.




Ages 5-6:  Children can come to the Club to play under adult supervision for no more than 45 mins per session.

Ages 7+:  Must have taken Code Creator 1&2, and World of Science 1

Ages 14+  Anyone can join,  inquire about Teen CLUB Member Hours 

Self-Guided Activities

Semia Robot Master Club (RMC) has hundreds of fun, engaging LEGO Education activities that are available for Members to explore, create and build their own unique solutions.  Please see sample activities here for reference.  We also have limited LEGO toys, and several LEGO Architecture series sets. 

Semia RMC Member Hours

Member hours are ONLY during the Ridgefield School year when schools are in session.  Regular Member Hours and Special School Holiday Member hours will be posted on our calendar. 

Birthday Parties

Please contact us if you are interested in having a birthday party at the Club.  We will only offer this service to members exclusively. 

Sibling, Transfer, and Friend Policy

Membership benefits may not be refunded, resold, exchanged, or transferred.   Siblings will enjoy family member discount.   

Classes and Summer Camps

Members will enjoy discount on all the classes and summer programs offered at the Semia RMC.

Inclement Weather Policy

When the Ridgefield Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, Semia RMC will be closed as well.