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Welcome to LEGO Education World of Science course, designed to build the confidence of young inventors who want to know more about mechines and mechanisms in the world around us.

Throughout the course, students will use the Science & Technology Base Set, the Power Add-on Set and other LEGO® System and Technic resource sets.

The course focus on science, technology, engineering and math skills as well as on social, creative and communication skills.   The whole course is based on a story about a young boy called Gary Gadget and his sister, who love to invent things. Organized in four units, each unit has a different scenario where the characters find themselves in situations that require an inventive solution.

General Information

Before we go on advantures with Gary and his sister, we will have introductory lessons on Machines and Mechanisms, we will have projects like Tree House, Crab, Monorails with step by step instructions for students.

In the first unit – Secret Agent – Gary and his sister help capture tricksters and robbers, find lost jewelry and clean up after a traffic accident. As the students build conveyor belts, fans, cranes, squeezers and grabbers, they are introduced, step-by-step, to the basics of gearing, using pulleys, levers, wheels & axles.

In the second unit – Desert Island – Gary and his family become stranded on a desert island. Gary and his sister invent a variety of wind powered and motorized vehicles and mechanisms that, for example, crack coconuts, sweep away bugs and entertain them on long, dreary evenings. In this unit students investigate how different gears, wheel sizes, pulley types and so on, affect things like power and speed.

Sample Curriculum

Lesson 1-8:  Machines and Mechanisms Introduction

Lesson 9-16: Secrete Agent

Lesson 17 - 24: Desert Islands

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