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STEAM and Robotics Classes
for Kids Ages 3-14

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lego innovators
Age 3-5

Children by nature are curious and eager to learn.  LEGO Innovators activities are designed to stimulate children’s curiosity and encourage them to learn through play.   Using LEGO Education Learning Solutions and through hands-on teaching methods, students will have opportunities to collaborate with classmates, think creatively to come up with unique solutions, and learn to express themselves by presenting their own creations to the class.

Introduction to Robotics
Age 6-8

Introduction to Robotics is a course where students get their first hands-on experience building and coding a robot using LEGO WeDo 2.0.

This signature course allows our students to build their robots, and then make them come to life by programming their creations.

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intermediate robotics
Age 9-14

Intermediate Robotics is a course that allows students to further explore the LEGO Robotics Design System using the LEGO Spike Prime Kit.  Students in this program get the opportunity to explore more advanced building techniques as well as more complex coding using Scratch programming language.

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