Ages 5 - 18

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Age 6 - 14

Semia Robotic Master Club is very happy to announce that we will be having in-person 2022 summer programs!

The summer programs will be held at the Semia Robotics Master Club in Ridgefield CT and Ridgefield Academy.  We will have robotics and coding classes running for students anywhere from age 6-14 years old.  We will be offering introductory classes and more advanced WRO competition classes.  

Age 5 - 14


At Semia Robot Master Club (RMC),  our goal is to nurture creativity and problem-solving skills through hands-on open-ended activities. We have hundreds of LEGO Education activities. Age 5+  activities include "Build Me Emotions" or "Safari Adventure." As students progress and get older, they will design a drill or scissor lift, make line following or object avoiding robots,  and build robots that will compete in the World Robotic Olympiad!

Learning Occurs as Naturally as Breathing Air

Children will be provided with activities that are suited to their skill level, therefore they will not feel it is too easy that is boring, or it is too hard that they will just give up,   we call this optimum learning process, where a child is engaged in something of their interest,  making something that involves their hands, and will be trying different solutions and experience failure during the process.

School Year Programs

Semia RMC will offer different types of LEGO Education classes throughout the school year.  Children 5-6 can join Semia RMC Membership for supervised play for sessions no more than 45 minutes.   Classes offered to 7+ include Code Creator 1-3, Intermediate Robotics, World of Robotics 1-4, World of Science 1-6, and Story Investigator 1-3.  High School  Students and those who have taken certain classes can join the Semia RMC membership program to explore different activities during Member hours by themselves and other members. 

Age 5 - 18

The purpose of Semia RMC is to provide an opportunity for students who share a common interest in science, technology, and robotics to come together. They will explore and solve various LEGO Education activities at the club individually or with others, and ultimately join together as a team to take on the annual challenges provided by the World Robot Olympiad.

Students can be eligible for Semia RMC membership if they have taken the robotics classes in the center before.  This way students will have enough experience to enjoy the problem-solving challenges and have fun working on activities on their own or with other club members. 

We welcome teens to come to the club and work on WRO challenges. We can also provide opportunities for them to connect with other teams in the USA, perhaps even around the world, as everyone faces the same challenges. This worldly experience could be beneficial as students prepare for college.