Intermediate Robotics

Intermediate  Robotics

Skill Building Weeks

During the Skill-building week, students will learn how to design and build more complex LEGO robots with LEGO Spike set.   Students will program using MIT Scratch language and learn the fundamental concpets of robotics, including motor controls, sensors inputs, program logics, and loops and variables.  Because the LEGO Spike controller has many more ports for input and output, students are able to design and build complex robots with multiple sensor inputs and ability to perform more complex motions and movements.   All students can work at their own pace and enjoy the process of creating their own robots.

Intermediate Robotics

SUMO and WRO Regular Weeks

Robotics competitions provide a fun and exciting opportunity for students to apply the knowlege they have learned and challenge themselves in a friendly robot competition with their friends, while learning from each other.  The two different competitions we are offering now are SUMO and World Robot Olympiad challenge.  During the SUMO and WRO competition week,  students will be given a set of competitions rules, and they will work in small groups with the help of the instructor in order to design and create their own robots for the competition.  They will test and redesign as well as code their robots in order to perform the best during the competitions.  Throughout the week small competitions will be held within the class where students will see how well their robots perform, as well as reflect on what they would like to improve.  At the end of the week, there will be one final competition that parents are invited to come and witness students progress.